Sagittarius Dolly-An Exporation Insie the Creative Mind of Kimberly Keyes



Anthony and Madonna Girl Dale

Art Truck



Blythe Doll in Cherry Blossom Tree

Boarded-Up Building on Hollins Street in Baltimore

Cherry Blossoms

Christmas House in Glen Burnie, Maryland

Customizing a Shoe

Cypress Gardens

Dancing in the Streets

Designing a Rainbow T-Shirt

Doll and Testudo

Doll in Cherry Blossom Tree

Doll Peeking From Behind Cherry Blossom Tree

Eating Candy

Ellowyne Wilde Doll Outside U.S. Capitol Building

Emma G

Girl Scouts

His Master's Voice

Ice Skating in Baltimore Inner Harbor


Interacting With the Nutcracker

Night Graffiti in Baltimore

Playing on the Ground

Playing With Toys

Solar Eclipse

Black Squirrel

White Squirrel

Squirrel Eating a Nut During a Snowstorm

Star Wars Cosplayers

Washington, DC at 18 Degrees Fahrenheit

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