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Sagittarius Dolly blog: This is the blog that I update on a regular basis. You can see my latest projects, learn about any upcoming shows I'll be selling my wares at, and read the occasional musings from me.

Restorative Coaching Program: I worked on this website on behalf of a client who was offering a series of webinars for teachers, staff, and counselors for the Washington, DC public school system.

Draw Tippy Turtle and His Friends: A website dedicated to the ads of the Art Instruction Schools, which used to frequently run those “Draw Me” ads in comic books, magazines, and matchbook covers in order to encourage those with artistic talent to enroll in its correspondence art classes.

The Official Artomatic 2015 Blog: I was among the volunteer bloggers who wrote about the multi-week art event that took place in Hyattsville, Maryland in 2015. My original posts on that site were deleted when the Artomatic site was redesigned but I cross-posted many of those posts into my Sagittarius Dolly blog, which you can read right here.

Adventures in Webkinzland (Now Defunct): This was a short-lived blog where I documented my experiences with Webkinz, a line of tiny stuffed animals manufactured by Ganz, which also had an online virtual component as well.

The Fabulous Furby & Poo-Chi Fan Site (Now Defunct): This was a fan site devoted to interactive toys that were released by Tiger Electronics from 1998-2002. This site got massive amounts of attenion when it first went online in 1998 (including some mentions in a few publications like The Washington Post). This site was also among the finalists for the "Best Website" category at the 1999 South by Southwest Interactive Festival.

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