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Shooting videos is among my current passions. I currently have three different YouTube channels where I upload videos that I personally made on a regular basis. My Sagittarius Dolly channel is concerned with my own creative videos that I've made myself. Here are a few samples from that channel.

A video playlist featuring my tutorial on how to customize a Barbie doll into a Marvel superhero known as the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.

One Year in the Life of the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center

Creating an Art Doll the Easy Way for Beginners

Saving the Enchanted Forest

You can view more videos from that channel right here.

My second YouTube channel, Twisted Unicorn, focuses more on events I've shot, such as parties, protest marches, festivals, concerts, and other events. Here are a few samples from that channel.

Pepper the Robot

Dar Stellabotta plays her cigar box guitar.

Belarusian medieval band Stary Olsa performs AC/DC's classic "Highway to Hell" using medieval-era instruments.

Chainsaw carving demonstration.

You can view more videos from this channel right here.

The third channel, Kim Keyes screencasts, deals with video book reviews I've done along with other miscellaneous online product demonstrations.

My book review of Dressing the Decades by Emmanuelle Dirix.

My book review of Lonely Boy, a memoir written by Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones.

A demonstration of where I used that website to create this short biography of Sophie Scholl.

You can see more videos I did for that channel right here.

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