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Here are some animations I've done over the years.

The Gift of the Dinosaur is a Christmas animation I did that was inspired by a drawing I originally did for Inktober 2017.

The March of Liberty: This my animation that traces the spiritual ancestry of the Statue of Liberty. This is the animation that was shown on a giant outdoor screen at Light City 2017 in Baltimore.

Jack Sprat a.k.a. Butcher the Hog: I did this animated music video to the song by The Bachelor and the Bad Actress.

Open Source is Yours and Mine: I did this animated music video to the song by Phil Shapiro.

Promo ad for Takoma Radio WOWD-LP, a low-powered radio station in Takoma Park, Maryland.

Maker: I did this for a workshop on Adobe AfterEffects that I took at the Takoma Park Public Library in Takoma Park, Maryland.

Guitar Love: The Musical: This animation won third place in the Best Animation and Multimedia category at the Prince George's Community College's 2002 Fall Student Art Show.

The Dancing Monkeys: I did this animation, based on one of Aesop's Fables, as a class project when I took a computer animation class at Prince George's Community College. Here are a couple of fun facts—I named the theater that the monkeys performed in after my father, who passed away just a couple of years earlier. As for the guy who threw the banana on the stage, I based it on my then-husband's 12th grade senior high yearbook photo.

Apparition of Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach: This is my animation based on a painting by Salvador Dali. I originally did this for a class project when I took a computer animation class at Prince George's Community College.

The Unicorn With An Attitude

From 1995-2002 I worked on an animated series called The Unicorn With An Attitude. It was an era when this newfangled thing called the World Wide Web was in its infancy and there was a dotcom boom where all kinds of online entertainment sites were emerging (with names like The Romp, Icebox,, and Digital Entertainment Network). I had the idea of doing an animated comedy series about a Unicorn with an attitude and uploading it online in the hopes that it would get discovered by someone and I would end up becoming a famous Internet person who's fortunate enough to do something that I loved. Well, things didn't work out that way. The dotcom boom went bust and the majority of the online entertainment sites went under. I grew tired of spending the time and effort making an animated series only to get little attention. So here are a few sample episodes from that series for you to check out.

If you like the sample episodes, you can watch this YouTube playlist of every single animation I created in The Unicorn With An Attitude series.

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