Sagittarius Dolly-An Exporation Insie the Creative Mind of Kimberly Keyes

About This Site

I've been told that I started drawing as a toddler once I learned how to hold a pencil in my hand. I haven't stopped being creative since. Today I am an all-around creative person based in the Baltimore-Washington, DC area with a variety of interests and styles. I frequently bounce between both traditional arts and the modern digital arts with no problem at all. I know a variety of traditional techniques (such as drawing and painting) as well as digital techniques (such as the Adobe Creative Suite, GIMP, Inkscape, SketchBook, and more). I'm constantly learning new skills in order to keep them updated and to keep my mind engaged.

Back in 2010 I created a blog called Sagittarius Dolly, which I originally intended to focus on my arts and crafts. As time went on, and as I blogged more, I realized that there were limits to blogging in general. If a person wants to only see my paintings, he/she would have to slog through other blog posts I've done on topics like photography or other topics that the person doesn't care about. Even though I've used categories and tags in my posts, it doesn't mean that the visitor will use the search box that's on the bottom of my blog page or the pull-down menu that's located on the side.

With this separate portfolio site, one can go directly to the creative work I've done in the past without having to slog through old blog posts.

If you want to learn more about me and who I am, the best place to go is my LinkedIn profile.

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